Our wedding party

Our wedding party involve only our dearest friends and family!  Brent and I wanted our ceremony to be completely intimate so we choose accordingly.  LOVE EACH OF YOU!

Elissa's attendants
  • Rachel Reilly, Maid Of Honor
    My sister is my best friend!! We have been through everything together. We are so blessed to have the love and support we have in each other. BEST FRIENDS THROUGH THICK AND THIN ALWAYS AND FOREVER!:):)
  • Noreen Reilly, Other
  • Aimee Green, Bridesmaid
    Best friend
  • Erika Slater, Bridesmaid
    Hubbys Daughter
  • Riley Clanton, Ring Bearer
  • Kevin Reilly, Other
Brent 's attendants
  • Brett Slater, Best Man
    Hubbys Son
  • Bond Slater, Ring Bearer
    Hubbys son
  • Celestine MOM, Other
  • Tia Slater, Other
  • Mark Slater, Groomsman
  • Hannah Slater, Flower Girl
  • Cindy Anderson, Other
    Hubbys sister<3
  • Corey Stewart, Other
    Hubbys Sister
  • Melissa Slater, Other
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